New Year’s Resolutions

After a much deserved vacation, I’m finally back to the blog and eager to write about the recent developments in my research.  However, as you may have noticed, there is something different…  Yes, I’m writing in English and from now on this will be the official language around here.  It was not an easy decision to make and I had to consider several factors before making up my mind.  The truth to the matter is that Portuguese offers an academic a very limited readership.  No matter how strong my connection to my native language might be, no matter how artificial and clumsy my writing skills in a foreign language may prove, the pressure for the so called “internationalization” is now very strong in Brazilian academia.  “Publish (in English) or perish” is the new slogan of the institutions that fund research in Brazil (Capes, CNPq).  If I have enough time, I will try to post in both English and Portuguese, but I’m not sure I’ll always be able to do that.  I must also say that most of the scholars I admire are now using digital platforms to exchange ideas.  People like Graham Harman, Jussi Parikka, Alex Galloway, Eugene Thacker and many others use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, in a very productive way.  Academic conversations are no longer confined within the walls of universities and research institutions.  This is a completely novel and exciting scenario, where the internet and digital media will play an increasingly important role. Brazilian scholars (specially in the field of cyberculture) are also participating in this ongoing conversation, with very interesting blogs such as Labcult and Dispositivos de Vigilância.  However, when one chooses to write in Portuguese he or she is unfortunately excluded from the larger, international circle of academic discussion.  As a matter of fact, the very useful resource of WordPress’ statistics demonstrate that one of the most popular posts in this blog was precisely the one I wrote in English about Simondon. So if you are an occasional reader of this blog, I ask you to bear with me while I adapt to this new mindset.  And of course comments can be written in Portuguese (or in whatever Language you feel more comfortable with).  For now this is just an experiment and I will try it for a few months to see what happens…


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